we believe...

The purpose of business is to fuel an amazing life. And that life happens for you, not to you.

We believe failure is only temporary and limitations are self-imposed.

Anyone can achieve their biggest dreams and everyone owes it to themselves to try.

If you can create a better product or service than you have a moral obligation to deliver it to as many people as you can. If you truly want something the only option is to fully commit.

When you have passion and purpose you are unstoppable.

Keri Fam
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Skillfully crafted strategies created with individual strengths in mind so you can focus your time where it's needed and still accomplish your most ambitious goals.

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Reaching your goals means having a strong support system. Network with top-producing team leaders through private chat servers, exclusive events, and coaching sessions.

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Stay on the cutting edge with elite training on industry-leading techniques that will prepare you for success in an everchanging, fast-paced and highly competitive market.

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Double or even triple your business within a year! The HyperFast effect is a fast-track to rapid growth. Get results that will put your business on a whole new level.

Keri Shull


Keri Shull is the founder of the Keri Shull Team, the top-selling real estate team in the DMV area – and the #21 mega team in the nation for overall volume. She co-founded HyperFast Agent to provide real estate agents with life-changing training and personal coaching. Having contributed to Forbes Magazine, Business Insider, Money, and Entrepreneur, Keri is recognized as an expert on topics of entrepreneurship and goal achievement.

Dan Lesniak


Dan Lesniak is a best-selling author, real estate broker, developer, trainer, and Ironman athlete. His HyperLocal strategy led to one of the fastest starts in real estate with over $22 million in sales in his first year, and his career in real estate includes billions of dollars in property deals. HyperFast Agent is the coaching service Dan co-founded to teach real estate agents and team leaders how to scale successful businesses.

Keri and Dan


Dan and Keri met while both were agents at Keller Williams. In 2013, Dan and Keri merged teams to become the top 4 team in the nation at Keller Williams. Since then, they have started their own brokerage and scaled to 120+ members that sell over $564 million in volume annually. RealTrends ranks their team #1 in Virginia for both volume and number of transactions. Together they started HyperFast Agent to take their knowledge and expertise on real estate, business growth, and scaling and coach others striving to make similar leaps in the industry.