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Level up your business by leveling up on coaching. The VIP Elite Program features more coaching, courses, and events so team leaders like you can develop an unstoppable group of top producers. As a VIP Elite member, you have plug and play strategies at your disposal that will turn you into a talent magnet. Get insight on your pillars of success and bring in the right people to fit your system. The result is freedom of time to focus on what matters most to you. Start your VIP journey today and experience the feeling of unlimited growth potential for yourself!

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Dan teaching HFA Coaching Clients

    Do you know what type of leader you are? We will make sure you have that answer right away. HyperFast Agent will guide you toward determining your strengths and match them with tailored coaching methods to produce the results that are right for you and the future of your business. From there, you will be set up to make informed decisions on hiring more talent that will fit your system so you can focus your time where it's most needed.

Bootcamp Day 1

    As a VIP Elite member, not only do you have continuous support from billion-dollar real estate agents who have scaled a nationally ranked team, but you also have a dedicated Success Team by your side. The HyperFast Agent Success Team delivers an elevated level of attention to identify the unique challenges facing your team and develop solutions so that your business is always moving forward.

Keri teaches a student

    You’re not the only one dreaming big, which is why this system is so effective in getting businesses to scale fast. This program is a case study for the value gained from masterminds, from surrounding yourself with successful people, learning as they learn, and developing the skills to fulfill your vision of success. Gain experience, insights, and feedback from people who are at various stages of their journey, and then bring those lessons back to your team to establish a culture of growth and development.

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