According to recent surveys, the average real estate agent makes less than $10,000 a year, and close to 90 percent of new agents will not last more than two years in the business. Fewer than 10 percent of agents will make over $100,000, and the majority who do have been in the business for decades. The average real estate agent sells 12 homes a year, and for agents who are just starting out, that number is less than four.

In 2012 Dan Lesniak used a unique strategy to upend the industry trends. In his first year in real estate, Dan had over 36 transactions totaling over $22 million in sold volume, making him one of the most successful rookie real estate agents ever. He did this by taking over one of the most competitive market areas in the country, one that had previously been dominated by agents with over 10 years' experience.

In The HyperLocal, HyperFast Real Estate Agent, Dan tells how he used the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) framework to identify potential markets and choose which ones to go after and how to add massive value to the consumers in that market.This book will teach you how to use the STP framework to enter new markets or increase market share in your existing markets by adding more value to your potential clients and communicating your value proposition to the market.

Whether you are a new agent getting started or a veteran agent looking for more growth, this book will show you how to do it using examples of how Dan did it in the hyper-competitive Arlington, Virginia (Greater Washington, DC), market.

Dan Lesniak showcasing his HyperLocal HyperFast book
Keri Shull showcasing the HyperLocal HyperFast book

Grow Your Business to provide more value to client

  • Segment, Target, and Position Your Way Into Any Market
  • Add Value For Your Clients, For More 5-Star Reviews
  • Generate Viable Leads
  • Price Homes to Win
  • Master Working With Buyers and Sellers
  • Move Clients Along and Get Deals DONE
  • Win 5-Star Reviews, Repeat Business, and Referrals
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