Show Notes

Amy Jo Martin has a background in marketing and has led digital media strategies for many professional sports teams, working closely with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Steve Nash. In 2009, she started her first company, a social media agency. Since selling that company she has become a New York Times bestseller and runs a successful program focused on education and collaboration for female leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives. 

Listen to Dan and Amy discuss the following topics:

•  The value of your network

•  Branding strategies for digital marketing

•  Monetizing through making connections

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to expert recommendations for marketing yourself and your business. 

Quotes to Share

💬 Humans connect with humans, not logos.

– Amy Jo Martin 

💬 You don’t brand yourself, you just are yourself. And that creates your brand.

– Amy Jo Martin

💬 If you can lead with who you are, and why you do what you do versus what you're doing, you can make much deeper or real connections that will convert.

– Amy Jo Martin

💬 Find your tribe. Work with the people that you resonate with, and you’ll convert. 

– Amy Jo Martin

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