Show Notes

Episode 449 of the HyperFast Agent podcast features an interview with Rachel Richards, otherwise known as “Money Honey Rachel.” She is a former financial advisor and best selling author who grew her portfolio from zero to 38 doors by the age of 26. Rachel believes investing in real estate now, and in any market, is a great idea. She especially tries to find off-market deals. She has also invested in rentals, including duplexes and syndication, but has found that passive income isn’t one hundred percent passive. There is a lot of work and attention to detail in the ownership and management of rental properties. In this episode, Rahcel also offers a lot of great advice on learning from mistakes and how to effectively build a team. 

Join Rachel Richards and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ That one of the keys to investing is finding off-market deals.

∙ Why rental properties are not 100% passive income, but more passive than most 9-to-5 jobs.

∙ Not cutting corners when building your team.

∙ Investing in real estate in any market. 


💬 “I'm very much a finance nerd - and I have been my whole life.” - Rachel Richards

💬 “The cheapest option is rarely the best option.” - Rachel Richards

💬 “Real estate, in my opinion, wins in the long run when you invest for the long run.” - Rachel Richards

💬 “My biggest piece of advice is to embrace mistakes.” - Rachel Richards

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