Show Notes

In this episode of The Hyperfast Agent Podcast, we listen in as Krista Mashore (from Krista Mashore Coaching) presents at the HyperFast Sales Summit. Krista has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars learning how to master the online marketing game. She was able to go from $0 to over $7M in just 25 months, and shares her 5-step formula to dominate in the digital marketing space!

Episode Highlights: 

  • Digital domination goes beyond attracting sellers and bringing leads.
  • Since the pandemic broke out, the way that agents connect with buyers and sellers has changed.
  • While Krista was selling short-sales and foreclosures, the market began to shift back to a normal market.
  • When Krista gained the nickname “The Foreclosure Queen,” her business collapsed in the worst year of business she’s ever had.
  • Krista knew that when foreclosures and short sales went away, she would have to change her branding.
  • With a Masters degree in teaching, Krista knows the ins and outs of natural learning vs. institutionalized learning.
  • Things that real estate agents have been taught for years (open houses, cold calls, etc.), have to change as the world changes.
  • Creating a digital footprint, marketing online, and gaining exposure are all essential for real estate agents right now.
  • Traditionally, real estate agents are taught how to show and sell houses, not how to market.
  • Everything in marketing starts with your why, or motivations, and this helps you put forth the right messaging.
  • How well do you really know your brand? Get down to the core of what lights you up no matter how many times you do it.
  • Who you are, what you represent, and who you’re trying to attract are the factors that go into your brand.
  • After you figure out how to make your clients feel safe, you will see a higher conversion rate and get more referrals in the door.
  • What do I do? What are my core values? What is my brand code of ethics? Who do I love to serve? Ask yourself these questions.
  • Show buyers and sellers what makes you different from other agents, don’t just tell them.
  • Get to know your audience, who you are going after so that your messaging speaks directly to those people.
  • Research your audience’s psychographics, digital footprint, and what their problems are.
  • Your ability to establish a real connection with buyers and sellers with your video marketing will help them choose you over the other options.
  • Start thinking about how your video marketing can increase your percentage of qualified people coming in, as opposed to qualified leads.
  • It takes you believing that these tactics can actually work for you before you will see results.
  • Commit to producing content correctly, on a consistent basis, to make connections and convert more prospects to customers.
  • People are naturally curious about the state of the market, so make videos that give them that information.
  • You don’t need fancy equipment and a studio to make great videos; anyone can do it.
  • Interview local business owners, partake in community service events, join in on holiday cookoffs; establish your presence in the community.
  • Start comparing the price of doing an open house compared to the distribution of your video marketing.
  • Choose one social media platform and become a master on it before you decide to expand to another.
  • Your messages and timing will be completely different depending on if you are speaking to your cold, warm, or hot audience.
  • It doesn’t matter if you post on your business page or personal page, you won’t be reaching any new eyes/ears.
  • People will never know how you can help them with their problems if you don’t make yourself known.
  • The Change or Die study showed that with coaching, accountability, and support, most people will choose to change their ways.
  • The difference between poor people and rich people is poor people buy liabilities and rich people buy assets.
  • Krista and Keri are offering an incredible package that will help you get the exposure that you need and the confidence to close the deal.

3 Key Points:

  1. Marketing for real estate agents has had to change since the pandemic changed how they are able to connect to buyers and sellers.
  2. When it comes to building a real connection with buyers and sellers, real estate agents must learn to establish both trust and relatability.
  3. People tend to be more motivated by moving away from pain than finding pleasure, so find out what their problems are and how you can help them as an agent.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We have to pivot, not pause, and adapt our behavior.” - Krista Mashore
  • “People that are buying and selling their homes are online...which means that we have to show up where people are looking when they are looking.” - Krista Mashore
  • “Our messaging starts a conversation, and a conversation is what we need to have with people in order to make an impact.” - Krista Mashore
  • “When we are speaking to everyone, we are speaking to no one.” - Krista Mashore
  • “In order for you to be known, you have to be seen and you have to be heard.” - Krista Mashore
  • “Anything can be taught, anything can be learned when you have the right people, the right person to help you.” - Krista Mashore

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