Show Notes

Ryan Garson began his real estate journey with rental properties. Ryan’s process was simple, close deals. But as Ryan’s business grew, he followed the trend of social media and marketing to help expand. That’s when he noticed an interesting correlation between his influence on social media and revenue, which led him to start Very Social, a social media marketing agency for real estate professionals. 

Join Ryan Garson and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ What content works and what content doesn’t

∙ How to be consistent with your marketing strategy

∙ Engaging with your sphere of influence

∙ Using an 80/20 model for your social personality

...and much more!


💬 “It's all about trust, you know, real estate has always been about trust [...] What I try to do is build trust online.” — Ryan Garson

💬 “I invest my time and I invest in the vendors that I work with that really help elevate my content.” — Ryan Garson

💬 “See what the top agents are doing. See what the top content creators are doing [...] See what they’re doing and make it your own.” — Ryan Garson

💬 “Invest in the right people to help you grow and you will grow.” — Ryan Garson


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