Show Notes

Ricky Carruth, an agent with over 17 years of experience, has sold over 100 homes a year as a solo agent, and now has a free coaching program called Zero to Diamond. His mission is to help reduce the failure rate in the industry one agent at a time. Ricky talks to your host, Dan Lesniak, about the one mindset shift that will cause agents to be successful even during a down economy.

Show Notes:

  • Ricky talks about his real estate journey – from roofer to real estate
  • How the market crash affected Ricky, and what he did to bounce back
  • In 2007 he realized that it’s about relationships over transactions
  • The BP oil spill market impact proved that Ricky’s “people over transactions” philosophy worked
  • Ricky wrote two books quickly after his success, now he releases on YouTube
  • Gary Vee motivated him to do the coaching for free with the Zero to Diamond course
  • Ricky made more money during the recession than he had previously
  • Your unique personality is all that it takes to set you apart from other agents
  • Regardless of your lead source, the people-focused principle works
  • Why you don’t have to care if people want to buy or sell with you
  • People need the servicing, not the exposure
  • The mastery of phone calls is reading people, not using a script
  • What Ricky’s business looks like today, buyer business vs. listing business
  • What to do if the market were to crash tomorrow
  • You need to build a brand, and your brand will make you money
  • Everything is now business, as well as, future business
  • Check out Ricky’s FREE full-service Zero to Diamond Course

3 Key Points:

1. The business is about people, not the deal or the money.

2. A down market could be an opportunity to explode your business.  

3. Business is unlimited for every single agent, closings happen every day.

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