Show Notes

Aaron Grushow has a background as a digital strategist. He’s done work for Pepsi and Mercedes, even promotional content for celebrity influencers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Rihanna. Now Aaron has taken his social media experience and redirected it to the real estate industry, breaking into the highly competitive Los Angeles market. 

Join Aaron Grunshow and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss successful branding and social media strategies for real estate agents.

Listen in for Dan and Aaron’s thoughts on the following topics:

•  Getting started on TikTok 

•  The value of putting yourself on camera

•  Benefits of short form vs long form content

If you’re eager to start generating leads through your social media, then tune in to this discussion between two real estate titans who know how to leverage content on various platforms.

Quotes to Share

💬 I never really thought of [TikTok] as a platform to build my business and grow my brand. But I decided to throw some videos on there with some popular music...woke up the next morning with thousands and thousands of views.  

– Aaron Grushow on finding new mediums to market yourself 

💬 It wasn't until I started to get in front of the camera that I started to see actual results and positive growth towards my business.

– Aaron Grushow

💬 The short form content is so great because it really doesn't take that much time to film and edit. Within 10 minutes, I can film a house, edit it on TikTok, and have it uploaded.

– Aaron Grushow

💬 Find yourself an incredible mentor and surround yourself with agents whose businesses you respect and hope to get to one day. If not, join an amazing team. 

– Aaron Grushow on being successful in real estate

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