Show Notes

During this HyperFast Wealth segment of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Dan Lesniak speaks with Rock Thomas, the owner of six award-winning RE/MAX franchises, about how you can achieve anything when you’re committed and creative. This episode will give you tons of ideas about how to invest in real estate and it will also motivate you to improve in all areas of your life.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Rock Thomas believes there are two ways to motivate yourself. One way is through inspiration, having a vision, and thinking about what you want. The other one is when you back yourself into a corner and get desperate.
  • He was first motivated by being desperate and broke.
  • He started investing in real estate by putting $2k down on a home and renting out rooms. 
  • Renting out rooms in a house is one way to get started in real estate investing if you don't have a ton of money.
  • Ask yourself how badly you want to get forward quickly.
  • If you're going to do something well you've got to be obsessed.
  • You're never too old or too young to start investing in real estate.
  • There are so many different ways you can house hack.
  • Rock saves 30-35% of the total cost of his property just by being creative.
  • One of Rock's students retired himself, his wife, and his mother within 18 months of taking his course on how to do an Airbnb.
  • Look at the belief system you have.
  • When you are completely committed, and you're willing to be creative and curious, you can achieve anything.
  • You can almost entirely automate property management with your Airbnb properties via technology.
  • In two hours a week you can probably operate about six properties. Let's say you're making $500 per property per month, that's about $3000 for 10 hours of your time per month.
  • Rock has created 52 millionaires by helping people find a niche that works for them.
  • They find really good operators and help them scale.
  • One person created a master list of everything that needed to be done to the average property and calculated how long each task should take. That way he could estimate his renovation costs and compress the time it takes to renovate.
  • Rock’s team gives 15% and more to investors.
  • Part of being obsessed is learning from other people with experience.
  • When you're with a group of people who think about the future and want to create a great life, the conversations are elevated.
  • Life is too short to wait until retirement to have fun.
  • How do you have the best energy possible? We manage energy.
  • Set a big goal and then ask about one area of your life that you could get better at today that would contribute to you performing at a higher level.
  • The result will take care of itself when you get better.
  • Get 1% better in one area of your life and you'll start to get excited about the progress.
  • The emotional state that we live in is the quality of our life.
  • Live in progress, momentum, and feeling good at getting better.
  • Get better bit by bit.
  • Getting 1% better might not make big changes at first, but that doesn't mean changes aren't happening at all.
  • Most successful people judge their day by the seeds they planted and not the harvest.
  • Great people are forward-focused.
  • Very few people make $100,000 in their first year at anything. That's the nature of things.
  • Know obstacles are there and be willing to fight through them and grow through them.
  • You decide as an individual where your motivation comes from.
  • In Rock’s mastermind group, they spend the first four months looking at your programming and commitment.
  • Rock gets fired up by helping people improve their lives.
  • Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.
  • Find a mentor to guide you through it. Get in the game and watch the magic happen.
  • Rock recommends real estate as part of your portfolio no matter what.

3 Key Points:

1.  When you’re committed and creative, you can achieve anything.

2.  There’s a huge opportunity to make passive income with rental properties and Airbnb. Acquiring and managing these properties is easier than you may think.

3.  Choose one area to focus on and get 1% better at it every day. Progress may not be immediate, but making progress in one area will help you succeed in all areas.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “If you're going to do something well you've got to be obsessed.” – Rock Thomas
  • “Belief fosters momentum and momentum fosters belief.” – Rock Thomas
  • “The result will take care of itself when you get better." – Rock Thomas
  • “Energy is an option for you.” – Rock Thomas
  • “Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” – Rock Thomas

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