Show Notes

On this episode, host Keri Shull speaks with Dean Aguilar at the HyperFast Digital Dive Deep Event about how to achieve fast growth through creating high engagement on Instagram. This episode will help you think about how to build your personal brand, extend your organic reach, and focus on quality engagement. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dean Aguilar is a San Diego agent who has earned 22 deals from Instagram alone in the last year.
  • Dean began his real estate career in the DMV. He later moved to San Diego.
  • If you're providing great value on Instagram, clients will eventually reach out.
  • You're building a tribe and an audience with your social media content.
  • Keri shares a lot of vulnerability in her personal brand.
  • Getting people to know, like, and trust you requires vulnerability.
  • A lot of agents have similar feeds and they feel generic.
  • Your content should be 70% likes, interests, vulnerability, family and 30% real estate. 
  • Most of us are too worried about presenting instructional type information vs. real-life scenarios.
  • You can get attention and opportunities through building an engaged platform.
  • Dean uses one primary account.
  • If people engage with you on Instagram and you have high engagement, they will show your content to more people.
  • If you’re looking to extend your organic reach, invoke two-way conversations.
  • Your caption beneath the picture should tell a story. You can even use a call to action in the captions.
  • When you engage back with your audience, the algorithm will show that person your content more frequently.
  • When you want a very specific call to action, you don't necessarily want to use your website in your bio. Use a singular call to action in your bio.
  • Anybody who tells you that hashtags are going to grow your audience is lying to you.
  • With influencer marketing, you borrow the audience of someone who has many followers and they are essentially shouting out your account.
  • Keep in mind that when you run promotions there's a dropoff.
  • What we're really looking at is engaged, raving fans.
  • They can bring you to the stage but they can’t make you perform. You must deliver good content to build an audience. 

3 Key Points:

1.  If you're providing great value on Instagram, clients will eventually reach out.

2.  Engagement matters more than follower count.

3.  You need to build your personal brand around you, and be vulnerable.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We always focus on building it around the person and not around the group or the name.” – Dean Aguilar
  • “When you're building a personal brand it has to be around you.” – Dean Aguilar
  • “The way that you build an organic reach is you have to do something that invokes a two-way conversation with people.” – Dean Aguilar
  • “When the consumer has too many options, they choose none.” – Dean Aguilar
  • “It's that one relationship out of the hundreds of thousands that you may get that changes your life forever.” – Dean Aguilar

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