Show Notes

Three Keri Shull Team real estate agents—Lauren Longshore, Lacey Folweiler, and Jason Oliver—share their experiences working together as a small real estate team (Team LL Cool J) to expand their business and create value for themselves as well as their clients. Each of these agents is at a different stage of their career and has a different journey with respect to becoming a real estate agent. Here they reveal how mentorship and cooperation has worked in their favor to close deals and find off-market homes.

Listen to Dan and the team as they discuss the following topics:

•  How to get started in real estate

•  The impact of accountability

•  How to find real estate deals

•  Maximizing value for your clients

Don’t miss this chance to hear from experienced real estate mentors about the value of teamwork. 

Quotes to Share

💬 I've learned a lot—time management, expectations and what not. Right now that has been the biggest thing.

– Jason Oliver

💬 The easiest business is the past client and the referral.

– Lauren Longshore

💬 Your business in a sense can kind of run itself, but you still have to proactively keep up with it too.

–  Lacey Folweiler

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