Show Notes

Agent, Broker and Team Lead Gabe Cordova is committed to the idea of having agents focus on what they do best: converting. With a dynamic approach to acquiring quality leads and understanding where they are in their process, he’s improving the communication funnel from initial contact to closing, which has had a positive impact on his team’s agents.

Join Gabe Cordova and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The 4 phases of lead acquisition 

∙ Focusing on a smaller, more active group of clients

∙ Making the most of your time with dynamic lead gen and nurturing

∙ Using automation to create targeting messaging and streamlined processes

...and much more!


💬 “We can back down on how much we're spending on lead generation if we ramp up what we're doing right now with automation of lead nurturing.” — Gabe Cordova

💬 “All I want my agents to do now is respond to inbound activity.” — Gabe Cordova

💬 “Your system, your tools, your CRM, your stages need to update to your automation and remarketing.” — Gabe Cordova

💬 “If I can automate more of my system, which is going to increase my lead conversion, then it's taking the lead follow up, that cold calling and a lot of that prospecting, off my plate.” — Gabe Cordova


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