Show Notes

Ryan Beckett is a real estate broker, founder of Bit Realty, and is involved in the tokenization of real estate. He is based in West Palm Beach and is also working on a dissertation at Rollins College. A previous guest of the HyperFast Agents podcast, Ryan was back on this episode to discuss how EXP Realty, Side, and Radius are providing alternative ways that real estate agents can do business without being part of one of the traditional brick and mortar brands.

Join Ryan Beckett and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Ryan’s dissertation on the adoption of fractionalized real estate ownership tokenization

∙ Why some agents will choose staying with the brick and mortar brokerages and others will not

∙ The importance of being an expert in your local area

∙ Why Ryan believes the economic slowdown is good for the real estate market and real estate agents


💬 “It's scary and exciting at the same time.” - Ryan Beckett

💬 A lot of people don't realize how much work realtors do and how much they don't get paid for a lot of their work.” - Ryan Beckett

💬 “Because of the 100% latitude, it allows me a lump of clay that I can mold any way I want.” - Ryan Beckett

💬 “The industry and our economy needed a cold shower.” - Ryan Beckett

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