Show Notes

Amanda Williams is a real estate investor with years of experience evaluating long-term rental opportunities. Her business seeks to provide solutions for people relocating so that they can experience a neighborhood before fully settling into Raleigh, NC. She is currently expanding this model into several markets and instructing realtors how they can do the same.

Join Amanda Williams and host Dan Lesniak as they cover methods for scaling a profitable real estate business.

Listen to Dan and Amanda discuss these topics:

•  Branching out into different markets

•  Starting capital for rental opportunities

•  How to add value for your clients

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about how you can be successful in the real estate industry.

Quotes to Share

💬 I just want to teach my agents how to do this too, and then help them get going.
– Amanda Williams

💬 And that's really where I see this going, creating markets all over. – Amanda Williams

💬 New real estate agents, they get into the business, and they think it's gonna be simple and easy. And it's not. And you have to have a lot of motivation to make this thing work.

– Amanda Williams

Resources Mentioned

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Amanda Williams Instagram, Facebook: @amandathetravelingrealtor