Show Notes

Jonathan Chavala is a real estate agent based in the Washington DC metro area. In his first year in real estate he closed 35 deals valued at over $22 million combined. He built his own team which sold more that $50 million in properties in their first year, 2022. He recently made the decision to move his successful team over to eXp Realty where he believes they will be empowered to expand even more compared to staying with the old brokerage model. While they are saving more money, it’s not the primary reason that has motivated them to make the move to eXp. They are also excited about all the great tools and resources they will have access to, which will help them expand their business faster and make their lives easier and more efficient. Check out Jonathan’s conversation with Dan Lesniak on Episode 172 of the HyperFast Agent podcast.

Join Jonathan Chavala and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How the move to eXp Realty helps teams save money and gain a broader community of resources.

∙ The greater ability to expand their team to more geographic locations.

∙ The mentorship and resources they are gaining by joining eXp Realty.

∙ How moving over to eXp Realty makes a team leader’s life easier and more efficient. 


💬 “Is it all about the money? Mostly, not entirely.” - Jonathan Chivala

💬 “In terms of also just the backend systems, eXp’s will be a little bit easier for us.” - Jonathan Chivala

💬 “Our team is a very, very independent, very virtual, we love to meet together off site.” - Jonathan Chavala

💬 “Most of them … are in a revenue share deal. They're just on the wrong side of it. ” - Dan Lesniak

If you are ready to join eXp realty and would like Dan Lesniak To personally sponsor you so you have access to two nationally recognized coaching programs text 703-638-4393.