Show Notes

Cookie-cutter marketing and advertising are not enough to succeed in real estate. Luckily, PR strategist, author, and on-air expert Christina Daves has cracked the code on customizing messaging. Listen as Christina talks about addressing audience pain points, appealing to like-minded clients, and leaning into what makes you unique.

Join Christina Daves and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙  How to use storytelling to differentiate yourself from other realtors in a saturated industry

∙  Why connecting with mid-level marketers and micro-influencers is invaluable in growing your business

∙  The importance of establishing your personal brand outside of your real estate agency

...and much more!


💬 “You really need to get personal with who your ideal buyers and sellers are.” — Christina Daves

💬 “Who are those people that you can provide value to that are willing to share you to their audience?” — Christina Daves

💬 “Don't be afraid to niche and find who that ideal person is that you want to work with. You'll blow up your business.” — Christina Daves


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