Show Notes

As the Director of Recruitment for Revel Realty Inc. and the Team Leader of a top producing Niagara real estate team, Andrew Perrie is well versed in building business relationships and a reputation that speaks for itself. Join Host Dan Lesniak and Andrew Perrie as they discuss how to establish your real estate niche that will engage the right clients and bring in referrals.

Listen to learn about:

∙ The importance of administrative support in growing your real estate business

∙ How to think outside the box of what other realtors are doing

∙ Staying ahead of video marketing and social media trends

∙ Why leaders need business coaching to keep them accountable

...and much more!


💬 “It's super crucial to be super focused or super niche.” - Andrew Perrie’s advice for building a personal brand as a realtor

💬 “If you're constantly putting just sold, just purchased, it's just noise… nobody's gonna notice you.” - Andrew Perrie on what not to do on social media

💬 “It's not about reinventing the wheel. It's just finding what is super cool and producing it with your own flair.” - Andrew Perrie


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