Show Notes

Kacie Anderson is an agent and team leader in South Florida and has experienced one of the fastest-growing teams in real estate. With a foundation of an entrepreneurial drive, she has learned that one of the key ingredients in recruiting others is being authentic. She adds value to other agents, even those not on her team, through her social media. She gives out so much helpful and free advice, that agents end up leaving where they are to come work with her. She is an example of how being with EXP Realty gives team leaders the freedom to cultivate and shape her team the way she wants. 

Join Kacie Anderson and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How she transitioned from the mortgage world to real estate, implementing lessons learned.

∙ How EXP Realty keeps more money in the agents pockets rather than going to brokerage overhead.

∙ Why brick and mortgage brokerage firms will pass on increasing costs to their agents.

∙ Why it is so important to lead with authenticity.


💬 “I am just trying to explain termites and giving $75 for a report. I'm like, shoot, I could go out and sell this house.” - Kacie Anderson

💬 “How can I build a team but still have the structure for my agents to close everything out in their name?” - Kacie Anderson

💬 “The brokerage model and these uncapped systems … they just are making less and less sense.” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “'re authentic. You provide value. Yo

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