Show Notes

You won’t want to miss this exclusive footage from the year’s premier real estate event, Hyperfast Agent’s annual Growth Summit! This episode features Gabe Cordova, a real estate guru, Ylopo Senior Realtor in Residence, and Co-Founder of real estate CRM, Firepoint. Listen along as Gabe describes his path from humble beginnings to making over 800 sales a year. You’ll learn about the power of dynamic lead generation and leaning on your CRM.

Join Gabe Cordova and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Building a never-ending pipeline of business that is automated

∙ Why investing in digital remarketing is cost-effective and invaluable

∙ Identifying the four different buyer types and directing your energy towards the right ones

∙ Why all the technology you use needs to be integrated with your CRM

...and much more!


💬 “We will live and die by our database” — Gabe Cordova

💬 “We need to understand this is not our journey, alright? These are the buyers' and sellers’ journeys. We make it about us all the time, and it shouldn't be.” — Gabe Cordova

💬 “I love focusing on activity, not tasks.” — Gabe Cordova

💬 “Everybody is focused and so worried about today's business…we're not focusing on tomorrow and building that pipeline.” — Gabe Cordova 


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