Show Notes

In this episode of The Hyperfast Agent Podcast, host Dan Lesniak speaks with software guru and entrepreneur, Geordie Wardman. Geordie has started 5 companies that build software to help entrepreneurs save time, and shares tips on how to utilize automation and delegation to minimize repetitive tasks.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Geordie’s companies develop software to help entrepreneurs track their time.
  • Passive income has inspired Geordie in creating his companies and picking his investments.
  • The time-tracking program that Geordie is working on allows entrepreneurs to delegate tasks that they don’t need to be doing.
  • Tracking time in a spreadsheet can make your time usage so much more efficient.
  • There are a lot of real estate agents that struggle with efficiently using their time.
  • Real estate agents can use Geordie’s method without taking any time out of their day by recording on Loom.
  • Anyone that wants to build software around this principle can reach out to Geordie for a quote.
  • Software As A Service (SAAS) companies have given Geordie multiple revenue streams and diversified his portfolio.
  • Time efficiency allows entrepreneurs to grow their businesses faster through automation and delegation.
  • You need to know what tasks you do not need to be doing in order to increase productivity.
  • Take your annual income and break it down into monthly and hourly so you know what your time is worth.
  • Anything outside of your most important tasks should be delegated so you can focus on growing.
  • Training others to do the important tasks will fuel growth and reduce stress.
  • Lead gen, sales, collection, and fulfillment are the elements that make up all businesses.
  • Utilize Google Docs to separate your business into finance, operations, sales, and marketing.
  • There are a plethora of software that you can use to organize and manage your teams.
  • Using solely email makes it difficult to organize and can make things very messy.
  • KPIs can be used to track the progress of the business and each individual department.
  • Most real estate agents are focusing on the lagging indicators instead of the leading indicators.
  • Keeping a finger on the pulse of the company will ensure that nothing is broken and holding the company back from growing.
  • Geordie is working on a new project that is going to bring in more leads through social media.
  • Twitter and Facebook provide a massive number of free leads if you know how to look.
  • Focus on finishing one task until it is done before you move onto the next one.
  • Diversifying your portfolio will allow your business to break through the challenge of a global pandemic.

3 Key Points:

  1. When you are able to track your time, you can find out how much time you are spending on tasks that should be delegated.
  2. Writing out the key elements of the business, and then training other people to do those, is how all companies grow. Your business is not going to be different.
  3. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allows entrepreneurs to track their most important numbers and keep a finger on the pulse of the business.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “No CEO should be doing anything twice.” - Geordie Wardman
  • “This is clearly not something that I should be working on...I should be building the team...I should be speaking with clients...These are the activities that I should really be focusing on.” - Geordie Wardman
  • “It doesn’t stop if you’re the one-man show or the billion-dollar portfolio with four thousand employees.” - Geordie Wardman
  • “It’s probably one of the biggest data sources in the world right now...and it’s all open...Twitter is a huge source for leads.” - Geordie Wardman

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