Show Notes

Mike Jakubik is a wrestling and football coach and teacher turned real estate agent. While continuing to teach 5th grade children, he's also building an amazing real estate team in New Jersey. After class lets out, Mike starts his second job – which times nicely when people have time to see homes in the evening and weekend hours. As a teacher and coach, he is already comfortable talking to people, building relationships, and helping people not to get too worked up when things are going well and you’re winning and not getting too down in the dumps when things are not going your way. His recent move over to EXP realty also gives him more flexibility and additional resources at his disposal to be able to recruit more agents to his team.

Join Mike Jakubik and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Why building relationships is one of the top skills a real estate agent can have.

∙ How patience and keeping everybody calm is the number one goal in both teaching and real estate.

∙ How being an athletic coach and a mentor to students and other real estate agents goes hand in hand.

∙ How EXP realty gives Mike more flexibility and makes it easier to recruit agents to his team.


💬 “I had the common misconception I think a lot of realtors have. Anybody could do it. It's easy.” - Mike Jakubik

💬 “I've learned from a million different people, different leaders, coaches, it didn't matter along the way.” -  Mike Jakubik

💬 “Balancing my home life is probably the harder part.” - Mike Jakubik

💬 “Things that are easy for me is talking to other people.” - Mike Jakubik

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