Show Notes

Matt Easton was born and raised in poverty but that didn’t stop him from being a child prodigy. By age 16, he started businesses that became household names in the publishing and government auction arenas. Today he teaches others about how to be more effective at sales through Easton University. He also teaches people how to lease apartments through Matt believes no matter how good of an agent you are, or how great a property is, you are still going to have to sell the property. 

Join Matt Easton and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Putting a focus on improving your process.

∙ How to ask the right open-ended questions to both buyers and sellers.

∙ Using questions like a therapist to more effectively close a deal. 

∙ Why you should not argue with customers, but let them complain. 


💬 “If it's somebody selling their house, first question is the same: What's your biggest reason for moving”  – Matt Easton

💬 “Everybody wants to give their opinion. So leverage that. I've got an idea I want to get your opinion on.” - Matt Easton

💬 “If you simply just go through your life with a process to keep things moving forward, you're going to move things forward, you're not going to close every deal.”  - Matt Easton

💬 “You guys have to do a mental check with yourself. You have to become more like a doctor.” – Matt Easton


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