Show Notes

Elizabeth Averyanova left the United States and moved to Europe, where she helps real estate agents grow their brand and their business online through digital marketing. She helps real estate agents get serious about their brand through consistent messaging, marketing, and setting goals about the kinds of clients they want to have and how to reach them. She also emphasizes the importance of first identifying the attributes of what represents you and your brand before going down the path of building a website and a social media presence. The branding process and strategy will become the foundation of everything regarding your messaging and how you represent yourself online. 

Join Elizabeth Averyanova and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Being clear, consistent, and focused on what you are conveying about your personal brand.

∙ Building your website and social media presence after identifying the elements of your brand.

∙ Why a DIY approach to branding, website, and social media is usually not the best approach.

∙ Identify the types of clients you love and how to reach the kind of people you want to do business with.


💬 “A big common mistake we see or, or a place where we see that people are when they're coming to us is there's probably not much of an online presence, or they've tried to DIY it up to this point.”  – Elizabeth Averyanova

💬 “If you want to grow, if you want to scale, you can't be the best at everything.” - Elizabeth Averyanova

💬 “It's really important to get clear on your goals in in your business with real estate.”  - Elizabeth Averyanova

💬 “That's a really easy starting point – to figure out the characteristics of that dream client you had.” – Elizabeth Averyanova