Show Notes

During this episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Dan Lesniak speaks with Chris Craddock, a big-time realtor, investor, and serial entrepreneur. They discuss what to look for in hiring, and the big opportunities that are out there for agents who can provide more than one solution to sellers.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Chris Craddock started his real estate career knocking on the doors of distressed properties.
  • He spent a lot of time nurturing the sphere he developed while in ministry. He went through his phone and called through one letter each day. 
  • Chris found that within his sphere, he could easily find people who had thought about investing or had friends that were interested.
  • People that are happy, hungry, humble and smart succeed.
  • When Chris started hiring correctly, business picked up very quickly.
  • One of the best ways to change your motivation is to hang out with people who are at a higher level than you are.
  • The hardest part of growing his team was hiring.
  • Some sellers want to work with investors to drastically simplify the process of selling their home.
  • Chris shares how he helps agents close their deals in other markets.
  • Anybody working over a 200k price point who is good at closing can reach out to them.
  • Realtors need to realize that not all sellers fit into the same box.
  • You sell by finding out what their problem is. Spend the time upfront with sellers to figure out what is motivating them.
  • You win in everything by solving problems.
  • Chris talks about his real estate investments. He owns flips and rental properties.
  • Chris wants to work in his genius zone, which is finding and training talent.
  • His biggest advice to a new real estate agent is to just do it.
  • His biggest advice to an experienced real estate agent is to talk to more people.
  • His biggest learning experience was saying yes to too many good deals and ending up with a large debt load.
  • In the next five years, he will continue helping others achieve at a high level. 

3 Key Points:

1.   Finding the right people to work for your business can help you grow quickly.

2.   New relationships can help you level up and cultivate your desire to do and be more.

3.   Not all sellers fit in one box. Be willing to offer solutions that address the specific pain points you uncover.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “When we found those people that are happy, hungry, humble, and smart it just grew like crazy.” – Chris Craddock
  • “Every time I've leveled up, it usually comes in conjunction with a new relationship.” – Chris Craddock
  • “Not all sellers value getting the highest price. Some of them want certainty. Some of them want speed. Some of them just want to be done." – Dan Lesniak
  • “You win in everything by solving problems.” – Chris Craddock
  • “You may be able to do a lot of everything, but the more you can find people that do certain aspects better than you, the bigger you're going to grow.” – Dan Lesniak

Resources Mentioned:

How The Mighty Fall (book)