Show Notes

Rafael Cortez first got involved in real estate in 2009 with his first home flip. Today he serves as the CEO and Designated Broker of Pulse Realty & Associates, an Arizona-based real estate brokerage. As a skilled real estate investor, business coach, and organizational psychologist, Rafael Cortez harnesses his knowledge and background to help others build profitable businesses without sacrificing work-life balance. 

Join Rafael Cortez and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The importance of hiring before your bottleneck

∙ The best way to create standard operating procedures

∙ The six-step blueprint to building an effective wholesaling business

...and much more!


💬 “You have to know enough about every area just to be dangerous.” - Rafael Cortez on running a wholesaling business

💬 “Document everything. If you're not documenting, you're missing out on the biggest opportunity for freedom.” - Rafael Cortez

💬 “You can delegate chaos, or you can delegate systems.” - Rafael Cortez

💬 “Hustle is a season, man. It's not a business strategy.” - Rafael Cortez


Rafael Cortez’s Wholesaling Business Blueprint: 

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