Show Notes

Want to know how to achieve financial freedom? Brandon Cobb has your answer. Brandon is the CEO of HBG Capital and a model real estate investor/developer who specializes in wholesaling and flipping properties. His focus is on creating unique opportunities through affordable housing for first-time home buyers, and there’s one thing never far from his mind: growth. 

Join Brandon Cobb and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The upside of finding the right mentor when you’re first starting out

∙ Recognizing the opportunity of flipping homes in select markets

∙ Realizing when it’s time to scale your business

∙ How to go out and get more capital

...and much more!


💬 “It all starts with finding that mentor and making sure you're asking the right questions.” — Brandon Cobb

💬 “Whatever you're trying to do, go create the problem first, and then work on solving it.” — Brandon Cobb

💬 “You want to know who your target avatar is.” — Brandon Cobb

💬 “I created content that educates them on the benefits of passive investing in other people's deals.” — Brandon Cobb


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