Show Notes

Best friends Alex Rosas and Michael Manrique took their high school dreams of being successful and manifested into reality ✨ Today, they teach agents how to do the same! 🏆

In this episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, Alex Rosas and Michael Manrique joins host Dan Lesniak to discuss how they have figured out the secret habits of success 🤫 Alex and Michael will give her best advice for agents to become the best versions of themselves 💪

Join Dan, Alex, and Michael as they discuss:

• How they found a niche of micronized messaging within real estate! 👀
• Transitioning into a constant flow of habits and business! 🗂
• Behavioral changing tricks (Secret: It’s completely opposite of what we naturally think!) 😏
• And much more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get “in the room” with three experienced training talking strategy!


💬 “Instead of focusing on outcomes and results, what we want to do is focus on who we want to be” – Michael Manrique

💬 “Learn how to say no” – Michael Manrique

💬 “Whenever there’s a challenge, there’s an opportunity.” – Andy Rosas


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