Show Notes

During this episode, host Dan Lesniak speaks with Taylor and Ivo Pereira about their parallel real estate and site development businesses. Learn how this power couple operates multiple businesses, where they’ve identified opportunities for growth, and how they create value for their customers.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Taylor Pereira worked in the home remodeling industry and saw potential in becoming a real estate agent four years ago.
  • Ivo Pereira works in construction. He does site development and has one of the fastest growing trucking companies in Northern Virginia.
  • Many of the clients Ivo works with, when doing teardowns in Arlington, are also clients of Taylor's. They are currently pursuing more off-market deals.
  • In site development you have land and want to put a building there. They prepare the land for construction and remove excess dirt. Ivo fell into site development via the trucking industry.
  • Machines are very expensive. They own over a million dollars of equipment. That's an investment they put towards building their business.
  • Stormwater management and stormwater mandates have become more important, so Ivo decided to dig deep into this topic.
  • Being a one-stop shop helps control the schedule and the business. 
  • They've limited the scope of the geographical areas they work in so they can prioritize quality service. A lot of people overcommit and then provide low quality work.
  • When Taylor first started in real estate she didn't understand the process so she worked with a high-volume team. After 2.5 years on a team, she knew she could do it on her own and doubled her volume.
  • Teams help you earn credibility as a new agent. 
  • When people wanted dirt at their homes, Ivo would ask them why. He would then send the lead to Taylor.
  • They tried signs and doorknocking, but once they got more involved in the industry they found texting and cold-calling worked well to find off-market leads
  • Do your own research on the correct and legal way to text leads.
  • They don't wholesale or try to find off-market properties as hard in Northern Virginia. They do that work in Southern Virginia.
  • Taylor advises new agents to just keep going.
  • Ivo recommends seeking mentorship to save time and money.
  • If you can't afford a book, go to the library, or check YouTube.
  • Experienced agents should never stop learning and push forward.
  • Ivo emphasizes the importance of networking. 
  • Ivo says not firing fast enough was his biggest business mistake.
  • Taylor reminds us that business is never easy.
  • Taylor and Ivo share their exciting five year plan for building their business and inspiring others.

3 Key Points:

1.   Site development involves preparing land for new construction. 

2.   If you’re just starting out in real estate, joining a team will help you reach your goals faster.

3.   Mentors will accelerate your growth. Read and learn what you can for free, then invest in paid mentoring. 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Stormwater management and stormwater mandates have become more important. If you're a builder or a developer and you're not taking that into consideration, it can really kill your margins.” – Ivo Pereira
  • “You have to create value and you have to establish that value within your community to have people trust you.” – Taylor Pereira
  • “It's all about the conversation, finding someone with urgency.” – Taylor Pereira
  • “You don't have to pay to get a mentor. People usually write fifteen dollar books.” – Ivo Pereira
  • “What's pivoted my life was mentorship and I think once you get the free mentorship, after that, there's nothing better than paid mentorship.” – Ivo Pereira

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