Show Notes

Angela Zere is a real estate agent based in Williamsburg, Virginia. She just started in the business two years ago, but makes sure to tell everyone she meets that she is in real estate. As a mother who homeschools her children, she landed her first client only one day after she got her real estate license – and it was one of the other moms in her child’s home school network. Angela makes a point to be very open and public about her role as a real estate agent – even pushing past her comfort zone to get her business card in front of more people. It has worked. She is also persistent in dedicating a certain amount of time each day to make calls to leads, until she reaches them. She understands that the market is changing. To prepare, she remains fluid and adaptable in order to continue her early success in the field. Angela recently made the move over to eXp in order to have a business that is agent-owned and one where she can take advantage of the coaching services offered through the HyperFast Agent program.

Join GUEST and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Talking about your business all the time – and not being a secret agent!

∙ Focusing on finding your niche and capitalizing on your strengths 

∙ A major part of being a realtor is creating relationships 

∙ The importance of staying fluid to prepare yourself for whatever kind of market we might be in next


💬 “Growth happens when you're not in your comfort zone.” - Angela Zere

💬 “I read your book when I was taking the course … one of the things you mentioned in that book is to find your niche” - Angela Zere

💬 “December 1, became a realtor … and then I had my first listing appointment December 2.” - Angela Zere

💬 “Be persistent because I've had leads that I mean, I literally had to call that lead 19 times in order for them to actually pick up the phone” - Angela Zere

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