Show Notes

Drew Wadsworth worked on the property management side of the real estate industry for over a decade before transitioning to work with buyers and sellers. What made this transition so seamless for him was finding a supportive team to back him up. Today, as a part of the Keri Shull Team, he receives training and mentorship, enabling him to use his time effectively.

Join Drew Wadsworth and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Time management

∙ Selling real estate for friends and family 

∙ How being on a team and having access to ISAs can be a massive time saver

∙ Home ownership versus renting in the current market 


💬 “Time management, really making sure that you're using your time efficiently, was something that I learned pretty quickly” — Drew Wadsworth

💬 “The one unique feature with the Keri Shull team is that you have such a massive amount of support within the team. From day one, you know, obviously, I'm on a mini team here and having that mentorship and guidance was, I think, really paramount to my initial success.” — Drew Wadsworth

💬 “You learn every single day. I think that's one thing about this industry that I love about it – is that you never stop learning, something's always evolving or changing.” — Drew Wadsworth

💬 “You don't need $50,000 right now. To go buy a home can be substantially less than that. And really having those conversations is just really the first step to make them know that it's actually doable.” — Drew Wadsworth


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