Show Notes

  • Great news for home buyers in DC!
  • There are some big changes coming to Conforming Loan limits in 2021.
  • Buyers and borrowers: If you didn’t qualify in 2020, this is a great time to talk to a lender and run the numbers again. You might be back in the game!
  • In this episode, In-house USA Mortgage lender Dustin Brown joins host Dan Lesniak for our first podcast in the HyperFast Mortgage series.
  • In 2021, Conforming Loan Limits are rising from $765k to $822,375. If a mortgage falls under that ~$822k threshold, it can be underwritten by Fannie Mae – that means a home buyer can get the best terms and the best rate, which will positively impact their debt-to-income ratio and possibly allow them to push up their price point a little.
  • For example: In DC you could buy a million-dollar home, put 20% down, and still get your mortgage under the $822k threshold! That means you can get the best terms and the best rate.
  • If you’re looking to buy a home, or you’re a buyer’s agent looking for a lender who can get the job done, go to to learn more about what we’re doing with USA Mortgage and the HyperFast team!