Show Notes

BryAnn Smith got into real estate in 2019 and was able to gain some momentum prior to COVID and the big bump in the real estate market in 2020 and 2021. BUt before she even got her real estate license, she started building her reputation on social media, letting people know she would soon have her license. She’s gained a lot of leads from other parts of her life, including where she teaches a Pilates class. While she is not interested in building a team, she does take an active role in mentoring other new agents at her brokerage. One of the biggest pieces of advice she tries to instill in them is to build their reputation by branding themselves, not their brokerage.

Join BryAnn Smith and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How to educate clients and potential homebuyers and build a network on social media

∙ Why working with a transactions coordinator can save you a lot of time

∙ Why it is important to set proper expectations with sellers 

∙ Move forward with your name and reputation by branding yourself, not your brokerage


💬 “I definitely started off with a good amount of momentum, because I started with social media before I got my license.” - BryAnn Smith

💬 “I didn't get in real estate to do the paperwork” - BryAnn Smith

💬 “It was teaching at a Pilates studio that I've taught at for years, I've gotten more leads there than I would ever imagine.” - BryAnn Smith

💬 “In California, 80% of agents do not make it past 18 months in the business.” - BryAnn Smith

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