Show Notes

Back in 2008, Brett had to make a choice, either step away from his real estate brokerage or find another way to stay in the game. The decision to keep going led Brett to incorporate an element into his business to help clients pay off debt and diversify investments by deferring property taxes from selling a home. His business as an agent investor saw immediate growth, and now he coaches and trains other agents how to incorporate this process for investing in real estate.

Listen to Dan and Brett as they break down these key real estate topics:

•  Capital gains tax solutions

•  Cash flow from interest

•  1031 exchange changes

•  When to invest in multifamily properties

Don’t miss this in-depth discussion on how property taxes impact real estate transactions. 

Quotes to Share

💬 As a real estate professional...or as a want to preplan, get educated and get empowered.

– Brett Swarts

💬 The key is we're extending time for the tax that would have been paid, and we're living off the interest of the total amount.  

– Brett Swarts

💬 The deferred sales trust is like Netflix versus Blockbuster, because you can put [gains] into multiple things, multiple times, all diversified.

– Brett Swarts

💬 It's staggering to think about the amount of wealth that's been created in the last five years in multifamily value-add properties.

– Brett Swarts

Resources Mentioned

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