Show Notes

Mel and Dave Dupuis specialize in using creative financing to buy multifamily properties without using any of their own money or taking on any joint venture partners. When Mel and Dave discovered creative financing, they bought 12 multifamily properties in 12 months, then quit their jobs the next year while they were still in their thirties. 

Today, Mel and Dave own over 200 apartments. They also mentor real estate investors on how to grow their portfolios and achieve financial freedom… all without needing to use their own money. 

Mel and Dave Dupuis join host Dan Lesniak to discuss:

• The game-changing shift that allowed Mel and Dave to leverage their money

• How they evaluate deals to find great ones

• The surprisingly simple thing that gets Mel and Dave great investment opportunities

• The surprising impact that the eviction moratorium had on Mel and Dave’s revenue

• The biggest challenge that Mel and Dave faced when their portfolio doubled last year

• Why you should start creating systems and processes early, while your business is still small

…and much more!


💬 “As soon as we understood how to leverage our money… That was the game changer.” – Dave Dupuis

💬 “You have to face the fear of the unknown to get different results, and that’s probably the number one reason why people don’t ever achieve their goals in life.” – Mel Dupuis


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