Show Notes

Fernando Corona had a background in mechanical engineering and was even put in charge of creating a new division for the company he was working for. That’s when he realized he didn’t want to build someone else’s dream. After getting into real estate, he looked for a strategy that could get him more cash flow for each property. He found properties that were listed for less square feet than they actually had because people were converting basements into living space. Instead of turning them into Airbnb properties, he decided to focus on people who are renting them on average for about 10 months. Using a platform called PadSplit, Fernando has all of the platform and property management costs covered with 20% of his gross revenues. He has found a way to increase his revenues while helping his tenants find more affordable living situations, and living a life of abundance. 

Join Fernando Corona and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How to utilize the PadSplit platform to market your properties and bring in more revenue per door.

∙ How to more efficiently use homes with basements to split pads for PadSplitters.

∙ Why real estate agents should learn the investor terminology and have an investor mindset.

∙ Why out-of-state investors should find a good local real estate agent who serve as a great advisor


💬 “The pain of me going on my own is less than the pain I'm feeling now.” – Fernando Corona

💬 “These guys are in my opinion, like the OGs of this rent-by-the-room model in terms of software as a service to us.” - Fernando Corona

💬 “A real estate agent, for me, is like an advisor. A really good real estate agent is somebody who's going to tell you what zip codes or solid woods of code to stay away from, where they see growth happening within the area. - Fernando Corona

💬 “As a real estate agent, you get access probably to off-market properties, and you get access to the properties on the MLS. Why not be an investor? Why not build your own passive income portfolio? – Fernando Corona


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