Show Notes

In Episode 104 of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Keri Shull moderates a panel of successful local agents at the HyperFast Sales Summit. These agents share actionable tips about how to build your business while living your best life. This conversation touches on how to start on your own path to building wealth, how to convert more listing presentations, how you can become a local celebrity when leveraging video, how to build a team that feels like a family, and more.

Episode Highlights:

  • Rob Chevez has been buying and flipping homes in D.C. for almost fifteen years. He sold $118 million in real estate last year.
  • Barak Sky is an award-winning D.C. realtor and recipient of Realtor magazine’s 30 Under 30 Award.
  • Noah Ostroff has led the #1 Keller Williams team in Philadelphia since 2014.
  • Karen Cooper is a lifelong Virginian and the creator of Empowered Women in Real Estate.
  • Noah Ostroff shares his method for prioritizing.
  • Noah figures out what kinds of experiences he wants to have and then figures out how to sell real estate and do business.
  • All of his business decisions are set up around his lifestyle goals.
  • He knew early on in his career that if he wanted to control his time, he needed to become a listing agent.
  • Most of the time people are willing to accommodate his boundaries around time.
  • What was important to him long-term was freedom.
  • The first step is just making the decision that this is what you want to do. It doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Noah encourages us to be honest with ourselves. Stop coming up with excuses about why you can’t do something. Stop pretending that you’re doing everything it takes but you’re not getting the results.
  • It’s really a matter of getting in front of as many people as you can on a daily basis.
  • Karen Cooper achieves 93% conversion as a listing agent.
  • Karen trained as a listing specialist. She asks questions about whether she will be competing. If she is competing she asks who they are also interviewing because she will then come prepared to that interview with stats for herself and the other agent.
  • When Karen arrives at the listing appointment she always brings something with  her. She brings a pie or a plant. It’s a show of hospitality and respect.
  • Based on how they receive that gift from her she can tell how the appointment is going to go.
  • Barak Sky shares that his team has invested in video for a year now and they are seeing results.
  • Barak’s team has a videographer and a producer on retainer.
  • The videos are all about their culture and content that will stop someone from scrolling.
  • Videos are the new version of the full-page magazine ad.
  • Rob Chevez started his career flipping homes and now runs a large team.
  • Rob switched his model from renovating 20-25 homes a year to selling 20+ homes per year as a realtor while still continuing to buy properties.
  • Rob created Grid, a model for how people can attract investors.
  • Over time people joined his team because he openly shared how he approached business.
  • Elevate yourself by helping others.
  • Barak Sky uses videos as a recruiting tool. The videos attract agents. They have initial meetings and then a ninety-day trial period.
  • Karen Cooper shares how she balances her career and motherhood.
  • Karen has figured out what her non-negotiables are. She never misses family dinner two nights in a row.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Getting help, and asking for it, is critical.
  • There are two things every agent struggles with: direction and loneliness. Karen wanted to build a community for women in the business. She runs a group of 10,000 people called Empowering Women in Real Estate.

3 Key Points:

  1. You can experience huge success while still focusing on balance.
  2. Call before listing appointments to learn if you’ll be competing. Come prepared with stats and a small gift.
  3. Create content that will stop people from scrolling.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I knew what was important for me to say yes to.” – Noah Ostroff
  • “We have a videographer and producer on retainer. We pay a monthly fee for them and we have a brainstorming session every month.” – Barak Sky
  • “If you’re helping people build wealth in their life, you’re helping them send their kids to college, you’re helping them be a little bit smarter with their money, that’s powerful.” – Rob Chevez
  • “It’s all about the boundaries.” – Karen Cooper
  • “We don’t focus on volume and production. We focus more on being a part of the family.” – Barak Sky

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