Show Notes

Dan Lesniak, host of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, interviews Benjamin Riehle, Founder at Apex Real Estate Network. Ben walks listeners through how he first got involved in real estate, how he built Apex Real Estate Network to the point of managing over 300 doors, and advice on growing your business with his “flywheel of success.”

Episode Highlights:

  •         How Ben Riehle began with Apex Real Estate Network
  •         How Ben got started with real estate
  •         How the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” theory played into Ben’s life
  •         Was Ben’s first home for investment or for himself?
  •         The people you interact with in your circle add to your skills and opportunities
  •         How Ben’s career evolved into bringing on a team
  •         Ben has over 300 doors under property management
  •         How big is his real estate team?
  •         One piece of advice that he would give to young people when it comes to investing
  •         The advice Ben Riehle would give to seasoned real estate agents

3 Key Points:

  1.    Find yourself a mentor that can answer your questions and provide guidance.
  2.    Be willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term financial gains.  
  3.    Elevate your game by enriching your circle of successful people.

Resources Mentioned: