Show Notes

Andrew Greer, one of the top in-field real estate developers in San Diego, talks to your host, Keri Shull, about creating and nurturing relationships with developers like him. Leave the episode with a better understanding of how to build trust, and execute multiple transactions with developers.

Show Notes:

  • What agents should know about working with a developer
  • How a new agent should execute their plan to work with developers
  • The tragic mistakes agents make when trying to approach developers
  • The steps someone can take to get familiar with the cost of construction in their area
  • Demand exclusivity in your market, and hustle to position yourself to be more valuable
  • A developer vs. a flipper
  • Don’t hide feedback or keep it a secret, share it with the developer
  • Dive in and really go after your planning; find an area and become a fixture

3 Key Points:

  1. Do research ahead of time to avoid losing credibility and wasting time.
  2. Create and build relationships with the people you need to know in the community to get ahead.
  3. You can compress time with relationships, you have to work with the right people to get ahead.

Resources Mentioned: