Show Notes

Alex Jarbo is a former Marine who turned into a short term rental investor and now developer, in the mountains of western North Carolina. One of his tactics is building properties people want to spend time at, outside of simply doing the things in the city they are visiting. He also makes them “Instagrammable,” properties that a renter is proud to show off on social media.He has taught hundreds of people how to achieve high cash on cash returns through developing short term rental properties. He now has an online course with templates, workbooks, and videos so that others do not have to start from scratch like he did.

Join Alex Jarbo and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How to partner with GCs to build, own, and operate short-term rentals

∙ Recent improvements in the supply chain and the continuous flow of venture capital 

∙ Why short-term rentals are one of the few asset that still cash flows despite higher interest rates

∙ How short-term rental operates are building their own websites and making their properties “Instagrammable” to stand out


💬 “I have a phenomenal real estate agent that keeps me busy.” - Alex Jarbo

💬 “I'm pretty confident I can build out a portfolio of like 60 to 70 cabins in this market.” - Alex Jarbo

💬 “My business is investing in developing unique cabins or properties where the property itself is an experience outside of the city that the guests is visiting.” - Alex Jarbo

💬 “We probably looked at 40 different pieces of land before we find the right one.” - Alex Jarbo

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