Show Notes

In this episode of The Hyperfast Agent Podcast, Christina Daves from PR For Anyone, presents at the Hyperfast Sales Summit. With over 1,000 appearances in the media, Christina and her clients have amassed over 1B views and $100M in revenue. Listen to hear how to captivate your audience to cash in on business success.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Since February, the entire world has changed because of the ongoing global pandemic.
  • Everyone was forced to move online when the world shut down, making it harder to be more visible.
  • Captivating the audience will help agents stand out in the loud world of online marketing.
  • Christina does not have any traditional PR experience, yet has had an incredible amount of success.
  • It all started when Christina won Steve Harvey’s Top Inventor competition.
  • SEO from appearing on local and national television has been tremendous for Christina.
  • Find a way to make people stop their scrolling and really examine your content.
  • Most agents make the mistake of having a generic website, stopping them from standing out in the crowd.
  • You only have 1.7 seconds to grab someone’s attention, according to a recent lululemon study.
  • If you are too generic, you will not attract the ideal people that you want to work with.
  • Finding your niche will help you as an agent connect to like-minded people.
  • While you can sell to everybody, honing in your message on a certain niche will help you get media attention.
  • Let people know what you can do for them instantly so you can grab their attention in that short window.
  • Once you have figured out your message, you can hire someone to promote it for you.
  • Becoming famous or being featured in an article will help you stand out from all of your competition.
  • There are 3 steps to the process of getting featured in the media.
  • Logos need to be on your website and all of your marketing material so the media exposure will shoot you to the top of the search page.
  • Newsjacking is when you take something from the news and plug it into your real estate content.
  • Become the expert in your industry through the content and value that you provide.
  • Christina shares a plethora of success stories from her own experience and the real estate agents that she works with.
  • Grab the journalist’s attention with the hook in your subject line; no one does this better than magazines.
  • Google can be your secret weapon when it comes to finding the right journalist.
  • It only takes 10 minutes per day to make all of this happen.
  • It’s going to take a long time for the world to get back to normal, so you better adapt right now.
  • Cindy Ashton and Christina combined forces to create a visibility bundle, the Platinum PR Package, for entrepreneurs to get media exposure.
  • Sharing your story will help you connect to people; it’s the most effective form of marketing in today’s world.

3 Key Points:

  1. Everyone in the country is in a constant state of scrolling when they are on their phone. You have to be able to make them stop.
  2. Being newsworthy, creating great hooks, and finding the right journalist will help agents get their spot in the media.
  3. What starts with a media connection can see exponential growth when put out on social media.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The more visibility you have, the more buyers and sellers are going to find you all, and then you’re going to make more sales and make more money.” - Christina Daves
  • “If you guys can captivate the audience, you will make the sales.” - Christina Daves
  • “You all do something different than everybody else does. I want you to identify that and start using that in your messaging.” - Christina Daves
  • “If you don’t become famous, somebody else will.” - Christina Daves
  • “You want to be the fish in your own bowl.” - Christina Daves
  • “Once you start talking, that’s when you close deals.” - Christina Daves

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