Show Notes

Michael Elefante quickly learned that what he valued most was his time, and that led him into real estate investing and eventually financial freedom. Since his first investments, he has moved into AirBnB properties, recently closing on his fifth home in just a three year span.

Join Michael Elefante and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The surprising numbers behind running an AirBnB property

∙ How to set yourself apart from others offering a unique experience for vacationers

∙ All the options available to investors looking to explore the AirBnB industry

∙ The biggest mistake: paralysis by analysis

...and much more!


💬 “People love to create a memory and they'll pay extra for that.”— Michael Elefante

💬 “That's the beauty of AirBnB, as you can buy a vacation home that you want to use with your family. When you're not using it, you're allowed to rent it out.” — Michael Elefante

💬 “You want someone to see themselves staying there and having an amazing time. Again, those Instagrammable moments.” — Michael Elefante

💬 “Arbitrage is definitely the thing everyone should look at as far as if you want to reach financial freedom in the next year. I think anybody could do it through arbitrage.” — Michael Elefante

💬 “Any entrepreneur needs to learn how to pivot.” — Michael Elefante


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