Show Notes

If you had financial independence and knew you could just step away from the daily grind right now... would you?

In this episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, Chris Larsen—founder and Managing Partner of Next-Level Income—recounts the story of how he worked toward financial independence and ultimately left his six-figure job in the medical device industry.

Chris has been investing in and managing real estate for more than two decades. Listen as Chris and Host Dan Lesniak discuss…

‣ How Chris reverse engineered financial independence and the first steps he took toward that goal years ago

‣ The story of Chris’s very first real estate deal

‣ Why Chris now prefers larger commercial deals and self-storage projects instead of single family homes

...and more! Don’t miss this chance to hear two high-powered real estate investors talk shop.


💬 “Find someone that has emulated the success that you want, that’s already achieved, what you want to achieve… if they can help you shortcut the path to success, that is going to save you not only money, but it’s also going to save you what you can’t buy back. And that’s time.” – Chris Larsen’s advice to new investors

💬 “Start with the fundamentals, then work your way down to the deal. Don’t look at the deal first.” – Chris Larsen

💬 “Have a bigger, more exciting future… that has a bigger meaning than you.” – Chris Larsen


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