Show Notes

During this episode, host Dan Lesniak speaks with Coach Micheal Burt, a winning basketball coach who became an extremely successful corporate coach. Learn about Micheal’s six-step system for monster growth and the tips he has for realtors who are ready to commit to their success. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Micheal Burt began coaching basketball teams in his teens. He spent a decade building a national championship program. Eventually, he started writing books about how he was winning games.
  • He retired from athletic coaching at age 31 to start a multi-million dollar coaching company.
  • His dream was to be the head coach and he decided to carry himself as a professional.
  • Many people give up and don't become what they're capable of becoming.
  • Humans have a prey drive. The problem is that it's never been activated. First we need to be exposed to the possibilities.
  • Micheal describes when the possibility of becoming a successful speaker awakened within him.
  • Micheal always had a desire to help people but didn't always know how to do it. Now he is teaching people how to coach.
  • Micheal describes how Grant Cardone inspired him to scale his business.
  • Micheal has a six-part system. First, you activate the prey drive. Next, there's explanation of service, legacy selling, follow up, extracting referrals, and becoming a person of interest.
  • Micheal needed people to walk into his life to help him see his blind spots where he was losing money. 
  • Many agents don't see their business as a business.
  • Micheal discusses an agent he is working with who is opening a restaurant as part of his branding strategy.
  • Real estate agents should strive to become people of interest.
  • People make big decisions when they are relaxed. This is why people buy real estate on the weekend.
  • You should be prospecting for 2-4 hours every day.
  • People need to understand the entertainment aspect of prospecting. People make decisions when they're having fun together.
  • The top agents are best at entertaining people and making them feel comfortable.
  • Getting people in relaxed settings and holding events can have a big impact.
  • Ask how you can do your own version of what other successful people are doing.
  • Look outside your market and look outside your industry to find new ways to differentiate yourself.
  • Micheal speaks to how his clients have pivoted during the pandemic. His clients are using virtual seminars, virtual summits, Facebook Lives, and other ways to offer virtual experiences.
  • He recommends being highly engaged with your current client base, highly engaged with your past client base, pumping out content to your database all the time, hosting weekly podcasts, writing a book, and working a system to generate attention and leads.
  • This is an industry that you can dominate.
  • The biggest challenge he ever faced was coaching a team to a championship.
  • If Micheal could go back in time, he would get coaching earlier in life.
  • His biggest advice to a new real estate agent is to prospect 2-4 hours every day.
  • If you're an experienced real estate agent, work on becoming a person of interest.
  • In five years, Micheal hopes to be one of the top five motivators in the world.

3 Key Points:

1.   When we’re exposed to the possibility of success, that opens up our motivation to succeed. 

2.   A coach can bring an outside perspective to your blind spots that are costing you money.

3.   Real estate is an industry you can dominate by being highly engaged with your database.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “A good coach can see something in you. Can challenge you to become something you didn't think you knew to become.” – Micheal Burt
  • “I'm open. When people give me hard feedback or critical feedback, I'm grateful for that.” – Micheal Burt
  • “I try to teach the agents I coach how to be people of interest.” – Micheal Burt
  • “If you were just real attentive, you could make a lot of money in the real estate market.” – Micheal Burt
  • “There's almost no other industry I can think of with such a low barrier to enter but people just won't get on the phone for two hours a day.” – Dan Lesniak

Resources Mentioned:

Living with a Monster (book)