Show Notes

Elisa Stephano is a real estate agent with EXP Realty, as part of the Keri Shull Team. She returns to the HyperFast Agent podcast (after her previous appearance in 2022 on episode 361). After a little bit of a market slow down in 2022, Elisa is now one of many agents experiencing the craziness again. Recently, she had one listing with over 34 offers! While this is mostly a product of low inventory in a hot market, Elisa’s secret sauce to getting more listings is consistency. She consistently calls expireds and withdrawals every day. She also is consistent on her social media and works hard to consistently post one reel a day on Instagram for marketing purposes. 

Join Elise Stephano and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The importance of calling expireds and withdrawals every day – and doing it first thing in the morning. 

∙ How moving to EXP Realty has helped her recruit agents and increase her income.

∙ Why consistency is the best discipline you build as an agent.

∙ How the effective use of social media can be a great tool in recruiting clients and agents to your team.


💬 “Why do so many agents struggle with doing this predictable, proactive prospecting” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “It's the self dedication, sitting down, really holding yourself accountable and making time for that.” - Elise Stephano

💬 “We call that accidental recruiting.” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “Consistency is the secret.” - Elise Stephano

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