Show Notes

David Dubeau has a boutique marketing agency, working with Mom and Pop real estate investors, helping them with implementation, capital raises, and finding private investors. He instructs people to build relationships and consistently communicate with potential investors. He has a philosophy of edutainment – being sure you keep people entertained while educating them about the market and potential investments. This helps others learn more about you and help you gain their trust. 

Join David Dubeau and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How to get started in real estate investment 

∙ Why you should consider partnering with someone who is already getting good investment deals

∙ Focusing on a target group of investors and then setting the stage for the marketing that is coming

∙ Consistently communicating with potential investors, even when you have nothing to pitch them


💬 “You should be getting your investor prospects lined up ahead of time. And then go looking for the deals.”  – David Dubeau

💬 “...that desperation is going to ooze out of every pore in your body.” – David Dubeau

💬 “You either put actual money into a deal or you put your own time effort and sweat into a deal…”  – David Dubeau

💬 “Mix it up, shake it up a little bit. So it's not always the same thing coming out.” – David Dubeau