Show Notes

Dylan Tent was a helicopter pilot who used to take pictures of people’s homes from the air and sell them door-to-door. One day he realized if he could get his real estate license, he could be selling these luxury homes. He has since used his talents to take video engagement to the next level, gaining massive amounts of attention for luxury homes through platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. He also puts himself in real physical environments where he can connect with high net worth people who like to do some of the same kinds of things he likes to do. In addition, he and his fiance own several Airbnbs to help build passive income cash flow. 

Join Dylan Ten and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Using engaging videos to bring more attention to luxury homes

∙ Honing your skills through through practice, reputation and failure 

∙ Owning a managing Airbnb/short-term rentals properties 

∙ Finding ways to meet people that like to do the kind of things you like to do


💬 “The faster you're willing to fail, the faster you'll earn. Because these people are so afraid of failure, that they just get trapped for a very long time before they'll go out there and realize it's not that scary.” – Dylan Tent

💬 “These videos that cost, you know, 1000 or more to make, they’re resumes for the rest of your career.” – Dylan Tent

💬 “Everybody that you know should be buying an Airbnb right now.”  – Dylan Tent

💬 “I would spend more time and resources on your existing customers. I think people get to the point where they're spending so much on advertising to strangers, when they have literally a database that is a goldmine.” – Dylan Tent


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