Show Notes

During Episode 94 of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada of Lab Coat Agents teach the audience at the HyperFast Sales Summit how to create an amazing Facebook group. Tristan and Nick provide all the steps you need to create an interactive group that will help you grow your real estate tribe and bring you an avalanche of business.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lab Coat Agents is the largest real estate Facebook group in the world.
  • The group started as a place for people in the real estate industry to collaborate and share best practices.
  • Tristan takes us back to Sam Walton, creator of Walmart. He wanted to help the average American save money and increase their quality of life. Then a CEO in 2009 forgot this vision and you see the Walmart we have today.
  • If you don't put your tribe first, things will go downhill fast.
  • Facebook is still the most popular social network.
  • Nick and Tristan share stats comparing social networks.
  • There's still an opportunity in groups.
  • 400 million people are active in Facebook groups every single month.
  • Facebook groups are important because organic reach all over Facebook is down.
  • Groups are important because you're in a community with like-minded people and the reach goes much further.
  • Groups are the central focus of Facebook right now.
  • Nick and Tristan share several successful Facebook groups worth looking into.
  • The point is to show you a real estate group that may not even be about real estate.
  • The first thing you need when you want to start a group is passion.
  • It doesn't have to be about real estate. Your group can be about cats, kayaking, running, travel, etc.
  • There are four types of effective Facebook groups: special interest groups, community groups, business groups, and groups that people can belong to that share a common goal.
  • You have to brand your group.
  • Nick highly recommends that you do the logo last. Start by thinking about your message and objective.
  • Your color choices are very important.
  • A brand is a feeling.
  • You need to build a strong team around your group.
  • Bring in people that have the same vision that you do.
  • Find your tribe that is comprised of your content and the people in your community.
  • Focus on content that brings value.
  • Find your top tribe members.
  • Facebook shows you who the most active people in your group are.
  • LCA grew organically. They have never paid for membership.
  • Bring in influencers for webinars and lives. This exposes your audience to their audience..
  • Email lists are not dead.
  • Be very selective on the emails you send out and they can become one of your greatest assets.
  • When people join your group, collect their emails for your newsletter.
  • Your community will guide you, and opportunities will come as you stay open-minded.
  • They monetized the group by accident.
  • If you create affiliate relationships, you have to believe in who you are partnering with.
  • Another monetization option is holding events.
  • Vendors do well at their events because their audience has gotten to know who they are.
  • Ads and partnerships are another way to monetize.
  • Some people have offered to buy out the LCA group.
  • You’ll need an attorney, a CPA, an org chart, and employees or VAs.
  • Once your group starts to grow, collect personal information and branch outside of Facebook.
  • Start offering value outside the group. For example, a blog, podcast, services, or products.
  • An infinite mindset is one that creates something or starts something with the idea that it will outlast your lifetime.
  • Most people are thinking only about how to make the most money. That's the wrong mindset.
  • Find what your passion is and show that to the world.

3 Key Points:

1.   There’s still a huge opportunity to build your business using a Facebook group right now.

2.   Build your group around your passion. Then like-minded people will know you are and bring you business.

3.   Focus on content that brings value to your tribe.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “It started as a place for people in the real estate industry to just collaborate and share best practices.” – Nick Baldwin
  • “We want to show you that Facebook is still around and it's still super strong.” – Tristan Ahumada
  • "People will know who you are and create an avalanche of business for you if you do it right." – Nick Baldwin
  • “Focus on content that's bringing value.” – Nick Baldwin
  • “It's not about the money. It's about whatever you are passionate about.” – Tristan Ahumada

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