Show Notes

Palmi and Nancy Kitti started their career in fashion manufacturing, earning good incomes. But their business was dependent on one source of income. Once that dried up, their financial security vanished overnight. That’s when they made the move to real estate investing, as they learned how it could create long term wealth. They started flipping houses in Los Angeles, but also realized the amount of time that was taking them. That’s when they migrated to commercial real estate apartment investment and started doing apartment syndication. Today, after just a short time in this arena, they now have over $200 million of assets under management and recently completed a $70 million capital raise. 

Join the Kitti Sisters and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Why real estate investing can create long-term wealth 

∙ How they translated their skills from fashion manufacturing to apartment syndication 

∙ Four different things you want to look at before entering a new market

∙ How rising interest rates are allowing them to purchase properties at lower prices. 


💬 “95% of our income was tied to this company, and then shutting down all their store meant our income was evaporated.”  – Palmi Kitti

💬 “We started flipping houses in LA … but the problem was, we were still trading a lot of time for money.” – Nancy Kitti

💬 “Real estate apartment syndication and fashion manufacturing is pretty much the same thing.”  – Palmi Kitti

💬 “The interest rate hike has really allowed us to purchase these properties at a lower price.” – Palmi Kitti