Show Notes

Stefanie Peters is a bestselling author, podcast host, and certified business coach who is passionate about helping real estate agents and entrepreneurs realize their dream, “boss” life. Tune in to today’s episode of The HyperFast Agent Podcast to hear Stefanie and Dan discuss managing risk in the investment world, creating multiple streams of residual income, and finding fulfillment and balance in your work life.

Not to mention, you’ll learn:

‣ How to avoid the “40-60-40” lifestyle

‣ How to work with the fluctuating real estate market for best investment results

‣ How to achieve your financial freedom number through reverse engineering

‣ And why neglecting to invest in real estate as an agent is a huge missed opportunity

Don’t miss out on getting the inside scoop from these real estate experts!


💬 “Find someone who has done what you do and follow it to a tee. Success leaves clues.” - Stefanie Peters’ advice for new real estate investors

💬 “When the numbers make sense, buy. When the numbers don’t make sense, wait until they do.” - Stefanie Peters on when you should buy real estate

💬 “At the end of the day, the best return on investment, hands down, has been real estate … it’s just a great security.” - Stefanie Peters on why to invest in real estate for residual income


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